First launched at the 2014 American Book Expo, this work is intended as a serious challenge to atheists like Richard Dawkins who seek meaning without God. The universe and life have a story to tell, and this book makes that story accessible to the lay person.

Providing fresh insight into the mystery of the origin of life, the essential point of the book is that all life is based on information. Just as a computer program infers the existence of a programmer, so the elegance and mind-boggling complexity of DNA, and the biochemical machinery it creates, point to a creative intelligence.

Who is this creator? The book suggests he is the one known in the Bible as "I AM who I AM". The author seeks to lead the reader, assisted by scientific evidence and a series of logical propositions, down a pathway to a deeper faith. How far that pathway is traveled is up to each reader to decide.

The Table of Contents page provides a brief description of the subject matter of each chapter, as well as extracts from selected chapters.

If you have Microsoft Access installed on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer, you can download the DNA Coder application. It can be used to encode any English text you like into a DNA-like sequence, and vice versa.


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