Contents of the Book

Below is a short description of the subject matter of each chapter:

1. DNA - The Language of Life

Explores the nature of DNA, its ability to encrypt any kind of information, and the implications for the question of whether life is designed.

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2. In the Beginning

Explores the question of the origin of the universe, and asks why the laws of physics seem to be so finely tuned for life.

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3. The Genesis of Life

Explores the biochemistry of the simplest organisms, arguing that the origin of life can not be explained by current science.

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4. Charles Darwin and Evolution

Accepts the insight of Charles Darwin that all creatures share a common ancestor, but argues that Darwinism still does not adequately explain the mechanism of change.

5. Are We Alone?

Suggests that, if the probability of life arising spontaneously is vanishingly small, we should not expect to find it on other planets.

6. Science and Faith

Explores the relationship between science and faith, and argues that whatever truth each contributes must be able to be harmonized.

7. The Genesis Creation Accounts

Reviews the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2, affirming the reality of a spiritual realm, and distilling the theology of the creator's intended relationship with man.

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8. What Does It All Mean?

This pivotal chapter brings the evidence of science and the theology of Genesis together, describing a logical pathway from science to faith through a chain of five propositions.

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9. Meet the Creator

Building on the five propositions above, and with supporting archaeological and scientific evidence, this chapter argues that the creator's redemptive purposes for mankind, revealed first to the Hebrews, are revealed fully to the world in the person of Jesus Christ.


Shares the author's personal reflections about knowledge and experience. It also points the way forward for truth-seekers.

Appendix 1: Was There an Eden?

For interested readers, this supplementary material suggests that the early chapters of Genesis (1 to 11) may reflect actual events in our Neolithic past which led to the rise of the first civilization.

Appendix 2: List of 20 Predictions

These 20 predictions, made progressively through the book, provide a benchmark by which the next generation will be able to judge the credibility of the author's work.

References and Notes


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