DNA Coder App

In nature, each DNA molecule uses 4 bases or "letters" (A, G, C and T) to encode the blueprint for assembling the organism. Each 3 letter combination, or codon, specifies one of 20 amino acids to add when formin a protein molecule.

Conveniently, a very good analogy would be to allow these same codons to each specify one of the 26 letters in the Roman alphabet to add when forming a word. That is the underlying principle of the downloadable application below. By using DNA codons to encrypt English text, the program provides the layman with a familiar means to appreciate the enormous information carrying capacity of this tiny molecule inside each living cell.

If you have Microsoft Access installed on a Windows desktop, laptop or tablet computer, you can download the free DNA Coder application pictured below. The app can be used to encode any English text you like into a DNA-like sequence, and vice versa.

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